Is Prigozhin’s Mutiny the Nail in the Coffin for Putin’s Golden Boy, Dyumin?
Putin’s former bodyguard and current Tula governor Alexei Dyumin is eternally tipped for a position in the federal government, yet is still waiting after seven years.
Is Russia Really Becoming China’s Vassal?
China may have the opportunity to turn Russia into its vassal, but it has no compelling reason to do so.
Why Azerbaijan May Find Itself a Victim of Its Own Success
Plentiful resources contribute to long-term success if channeled to the development of institutions, but Azerbaijan, like many other autocracies, is instead using them to burnish its image abroad and cement the status quo.
Band-Aid Politics. How the Kremlin is Dealing With the Fallout from Prigozhin’s Mutiny
The uprising has highlighted a crisis of management in Russia’s political system and the huge contradiction within the Russian armed forces. But it looks like the Kremlin is not intending to take any measures in response, apart from dictating how state propaganda should frame the event
He Stopped Prigozhin’s Mutiny: What’s Next for Belarus’s Chief Negotiator Lukashenko?
By solving a Russian domestic crisis, the Belarusian leader has effectively joined the ranks of Russian grandees vying for Putin’s favor by eliminating irritating problems that could distract the president from his high-stakes geopolitical machinations.
No Return for Yevgeny Prigozhin—or Russia
The regime is driven by ideas of supremacy and messianism, nationalism and imperialism. In this respect, there is no difference between Putin and his inner circle and Prigozhin.
Who Was Prigozhin Counting On to Back His Failed Mutiny?
The Wagner mercenary boss was counting on solidarity from senior army officers, and since he came close to reaching Moscow without encountering any particular resistance, he might not have been completely mistaken.
As Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Gets Under Way, Putin’s Calm is Just a Front
While saying little, Putin has revealed that military failures are entirely at odds with his vision for the future, while several more rounds of escalation—up to and including strikes on a third country—are something he can envisage.
Russia’s Showcase Economic Forum Is Now a Charade
The excessive optimism of Putin and his ministers smacks of an attempt to convince not even mythical investors so much as themselves that business as usual is possible—and even compatible with their threats to unleash nuclear war.
Putin’s Silence Heralds the Return of Russia’s Governors as a Political Force
For years, the Kremlin diminished the role of regional governors. But the war and the president’s self-isolation from real problems have changed everything. Now the enforced publicity of regional leaders may serve to restore their genuine popularity and authority.
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