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Recent Recommendations for Policymakers

Our global network of scholars provides decisionmakers with actionable recommendations for addressing the world’s biggest challenges. Find some of the latest policy ideas below.

Most conversations around climate change revolve around rapid decarbonization and vast investments in clean technologies. Yet African countries emit few carbon emissions, have vast energy deficits, and lack the resources to finance renewable energy infrastructure. Katie Auth explains how the United States can help.

Read the full set of recommendations in “How the U.S. Can Better Support Africa’s Energy Transition"

Russia’s feared cyber capabilities have not had the devastating effects in Ukraine that many analysts had expected. Jon Bateman recommends that other countries reassess the size, capacity, and mission of their own military cyber commands, and develop strategies for leveraging limited cyber capacity in a major conflict.

Read the full set of recommendations in “Russia’s Wartime Cyber Operations in Ukraine: Military Impacts, Influences, and Implications”

While China has long prioritized its relations with great powers like the United States and Russia over India, recent clashes over the Line of Actual Control are causing India to re-think this relationship in the changing context of the 2020s. Vijay Gokhale offers recommendations for how India and China can find common ground to re-engage in order to build a new framework for relations between two major Asian countries.

Read the full set of recommendations in “A Historical Evaluation of China’s India Policy: Lessons for India-China Relations”

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