Natural Signal of Fertility

The Billings Ovulation Method is a natural method of fertility management. It teaches you to recognise your body's natural signal of fertility - cervical mucus.Your reproductive system is wonderfully complex, yet the signals it gives you can be quite simple, helping you identify the fertile and infertile times in your cycles. You may have noticed different types of discharge throughout your menstrual cycle. The sensation that this discharge produces outside the vaginal opening also changes.

This is because your cervix produces different types of mucus in response to changing hormone levels. Once you're familiar with these changes you'll be able to identify your patterns of fertility and infertility in your cycle.Cervical mucus is the most reliable signal of fertility. Over 50 years of scientific research have shown this.The Billings Ovulation Method has a number of key advantages over other methods of fertility management.

1-A unique feature of the method is being able to recognise when you're infertile, as well as when you're fertile. So you can be confident in knowing if you're infertile or fertile on any particular day, and decide when to have sex depending on whether you want to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

2-When you decide the time is right to have a baby, the method can be used to achieve pregnancy. Knowing how to identify your fertile time and your Peak of fertility optimises your chances of conceiving.

3-It helps you safeguard your reproductive health. Once you learn to recognise what is normal for you in your menstrual cycle and patterns of cervical mucus, you'll be able to identify what isn't. If you notice irregularities, such as abnormal bleeding or an unusual pattern of discharge, you'll know to get them investigated.

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