Natural Family Planning (Billings Ovulation Method) is a unique program in Pakistan as well as all around the world as Billings research is not taught in medical colleges and other institutes. From last 12 years we are working on this project under the Family Life Commission of Catholic Church. In 2004, Late Bishop Anthony Lobo, officially included the Billings Ovulation Method as part of National Family Life Commission. The doctors and scientists involved in Billings Ovulation Method from last 60 years have made this scientific method so simple that even an illiterate person or couple can easily understand it and can use it to plan his/her family life. This method is working both way, how to avoid pregnancy and how to achieve pregnancy. It is also a safeguard of Re-productive health on daily basis. The purpose of the Natural Family Planning (Billings Ovulation Method) Program is to cope with the population-related problems in our communities as well as to give a better understanding of re-productive health to people at the grass-roots level.

Through the training of NFP Billings Method, we are trying to provide awareness among the couples to plan their family size according to their own will. Through this program, we are especially empowering woman by giving them knowledge about their fertility and infertility. We are training gynecologists, nurses, midwives and lady health workers, Para-medical staff and at the same time we are giving training to the Catechists and couples of various dioceses of our Christian community who are working with people at grass roots level. For us the above categories are most strategic who directly work with people at grass-roots level.Our main objective is to provide understanding to the masses about their reproductive health. Our main objects are: 1. How to avoid pregnancy 2. How to achieve pregnancy 3. Regular safeguard of reproductive health of woman. We are also work on a strong follow-up programs basis. Where ever we are training people we are giving them homework for the next program after 3 to 4 months to assess the knowledge of the trainees.

We evaluate our training by giving them a chart of every day signs and symptoms of fertility or infertility. Our female colleagues discussed these charts with women while the men have separate sessions with men to discuss the male reproductive system and STI as well as clarification of various myths about reproductive health. We also select some key persons or leaders in each community who gather them together on weekly or fortnightly basis to discuss about the method. We keep the record all participants who attend our program and use this method to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

We are constantly in touch with our local leaders who provide information about our work of the particular community. We also provide them all training's handouts in Urdu with all details so they can be in touch with the method. Our full fledged follow-up programs further empower them in this method. The Billings Method has never applied in Family Planning program in Pakistan. According to our experience allover Pakistan, which is very positive, people are receptive to adopt this method due to following reasons.

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