1. It is natural simple and effective and has no side effects.We provide Continued Professional Development (CPD) for health professionals as well as training for Billings Ovulation Method teachers. Billings LIFE is the only national provider of accreditation for Billings Ovulation Method teachers.

2. Couples are reluctant to use contraceptive due to the side effects as well as religious, moral and cultural pressures. Also Billings Method research is not commonly known even by medical professionals, so it is important that people should have knowledge of Billings Method and can use it as an alternate method of Family Planning.

3. Billings Method provides them important knowledge about their reproductive health as well as about their fertility or infertility on day to day basis. This knowledge is pivotal for their family planning and not even practiced by stakeholders or medical professionals in Pakistan.

4. Billings Method also provides help for all those sub fertile couples who wants to achieve pregnancy. In Many cases, even a medically fit couple does not know the right time of intercourse to achieve pregnancy. We also help these kinds of couples.

5. Billings Method is also an early indicator of any reproductive health problem and they can timely have appropriate treatment.

6. It is also very economical as woman has to recognize the natural indicator of her fertility or infertility and accordingly couple can use certain days to avoid and achieve pregnancy. Please note that we have imparted this training to the totally illiterate couples.

7. This method provides dignity especially to the women as she feels that she is not a laboratory, chewing gum, tissue paper or an object in which one can put medicine (contraceptives) and use it for his purpose.

8. We also promote Breastfeeding as natural way to avoid pregnancy. Lactation Amenorrhea Method (LAM) is also one segment of our training program.

9. Lastly it is also known as cooperative method. One of the biggest blunders of our family planning program in Pakistan is that we seldom involve husbands in this program. In billings method husbands are equally taught this method so they know the physiology of her wife and respect her. If not, than in this case he knows the consequences of unwanted child on his domestic economy. But it is evident that the men have higher level of respect towards their wives after learning this method.

10. We believe that the use of Contraceptives alone cannot control the population problems. Please see the history of our Population Planning Program from 1950s till the date. It is still rapidly increasing every avoid pregnancy. Lactation Amenorrhea Method (LAM) is also one segment of our training program.

11. Billings Ovulation Method is an alternate method of family planning which is natural, simple and effective (please see the trials of W.H.O on Billings Ovulation Method and its 99% effectiveness on our website). The Government of China has adopted Billings Ovulation Method to control their population problems and they have very successful results. We have to provide other methods of Family planning to the masses as to give them a choice and also we believe that it is their right to know the other methods of Family Planning.

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