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Billings LIFE in Pakistan provides clinical instruction to women and couples in the Billings Ovulation Method of natural fertility management. We will provide you with evidence-based educational resources to help you use the Billings Ovulation Method to achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally, and to safeguard your reproductive health at all stages of your reproductive life.We provide Continued Professional Development (CPD) for health professionals as well as training for Billings Ovulation Method teachers. Billings LIFE is the only national provider of accreditation for Billings Ovulation Method teachers.

Your Billings Ovulation Method teacher will in all likelihood be a woman like you who has learned to use the Billings Ovulation Method to manage her fertility, and wants to share this knowledge with others. She will have undertaken comprehensive training and ongoing professional development to ensure that she has the knowledge to help you understand your fertility whatever your situation.Billings LIFE conducts and promotes research as well as scientific investigations into the Billings Ovulation Method™ and the causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of disease in the field of reproductive biology. We also offer the Loving for Life program, which provides values-based education on human sexuality to secondary school students.

The purpose of the Natural Family Planning (Billings Ovulation Method) Program is to cope with the population-related problems in our communities as well as to give a better understanding of re-productive health to people at the grass-roots level. Through the training of NFP Billings Method, we are trying to provide awareness among the couples to plan their family size according to their own will. Through this program, we are especially empowering woman by giving them knowledge about their fertility and infertility.

We are training gynecologists, nurses, midwives and lady health workers, Para-medical staff and at the same time we are giving training to the Catechists and couples of various dioceses of our Christian community who are working with people at grass roots level. For us the above categories are most strategic who directly work with people at grass-roots level.

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